LAUNCH CRP429 All System OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool



LAUNCH CRP429 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool


LAUNCH, in line with the enterprise culture of “innovation, quality, efficiency, speciality and competition”, dedicates itself to be a leading position in the automotive diagnostic equipment industry with the support of powerful technology and considerate service to offer superior user experience for customers worldwide.

LAUNCH CRP429, as a top-ranking professional diagnostic obd2 scanner which enables users to read/clear all error codes in all systems, and featuring 8 commonly used special functions including Oil/EPB/BMS/SAS/DPF/ABS/IMMO/Injector Coding, is designed for DIYers and technicians to troubleshoot most of major vehicles on the road today efficiently and accurately.

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How to update this scan tool?

  1. If some new software or APK can be updated, a numeric indicator will display on the “Upgrade” module on the Job menu. In this case, you may use this option to keep it synchronized with the latest version.
  2. Tap “Upgrade” on the Job menu to enter the update center. By default, all diagnostic software is selected.
  3. To deselect certain software, tap “Unselect”, and then check the box next to vehicle model.
  4. Tap “Update” to start downloading. It may take several minutes to finish it, please be patient to wait. To pause downloading, tap “Stop”. To resume it, tap “Continue”. If network connection failure occurs, tap “Retry” to try again.
  5. Once download is finished, the software packages will be installed automatically.

Accessories checklist

For detailed accessory items, please consult from the local agency or check the packing list supplied with CRP429 together.

1 * CRP429 handset

1 * OBD II diagnostic cable

1 * DC 5V charging cable

1 * User manual

1 * Padded carrying case

Here we list some frequently asked questions and answers related to CRP429.

Q: System halts when reading data stream. What is the reason?

A: It may be caused by a slackened connector. Please turn off the CRP429, firmly connect the connector, and switch it on again.

Q: Screen of main unit flashes at engine ignition start.

A: Caused by electromagnetic disturbing, and this is normal phenomenon.

Q: There is no response when communicating with on-board computer.

A: Please confirm the proper voltage of power supply and check if the throttle has been closed, the transmission is in the neutral position, and the water is in proper temperature.

Q: What to do if the system fails to start auto VIN detection?

A: Please check the following possible reasons:

1. Whether CRP429 is properly connected to the vehicle’s DLC.

2. Whether the “Automatic detection on Connect” switch is OFF. If yes, slide it to ON.

Supported Cars

     For Hyundai, for Daewoo, for KIA, for Chrysler, for Dodge, for Jeep, for GM, for Buick, for Cadillac, for Chevrolet, for AUDI, for SAAB, for SEAT, for SKODA, for SMART, for Transporter & V Class, for BMW, for Mini Cooper, for BMW Brilliance, for Rolls-Royce, for Porsche, for Benz, for Maybach, for Peugeot, for DongFeng Peugeot, for Volkswagen, for Bentley, for Bugate, for Fiat, for Abbas, for Lancia for Alfa Romeo, for Nanjing Fiat, for Volvo, for Renault, for DACIA, for Landrover, for Jaguar, for Citroen, for FuKang, for Opel, for Opel South Africa, for VAUXHALL, for Isuzu Japan, for Isuzu Thailand for SUBARU, TOYOTA, TOYOTA China, for Lexus, for SUZUKI, for Mazda, for NISSAN, for Infiniti, for DongFeng Nissan, for Lincoln, for Ford, for Acura, for Honda, for JAGUAR