RL-01 DSLR Camera Rig Shoulder Mount



RL-01 DSLR RIG VCR Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Holder Dslr Camera Rig Shoulder Mount


light weigh easy to setup dslr rig. You can mount 7″ or 11″ arm onto it and then mount lighting or Monitor to use with your DV and DSLR camera. (7″, 11″ arm, LED light, DV/Camera in photos are not included). Every joint is rotatable and adjustable. Small size that you can carry it around easily. You can use it in different ways. -extend the rear arm for shoulder support -adjust to use as one hand DV/Camera set it can suit the way you needed.

  • 1xDSLR Rig
  • 1xHex screwdriver
  • Lightweight and compact designs Foldable for easy to carry around.
  • Bottom plate have a 1/4″ thread for connecting to tripod, monopod or other device with 1/4″ screw head.
  • Each handle ends have a 1/4″ thread socket which is capable to add articulating arms, LED lights, or monitor (optional).


The SpiderSteady Modular DSLR Camera Rig is a great rig for professionals who need a multitude of options to produce the perfect shot.

The rig has virtually endless customization options, giving it the ability to produce shots from virtually any position with nearly limitless customization options.

The rig is ideal for the Canon 5D, 7D Panasonic AG-HMC153MC, Nikon D90 and many more DSLR Cameras.


The SpiderSteady can be used to provide a multitude of shots, allowing for a perfect setup for nearly every shot

Built with a 1/4-20″ slot on virtually every joint and end, the SpiderSteady can be used with many accessories, proving even more versatility to make every shot perfect

The rig folds flat, able to fit in most camera cases and being light, is very easy to transport

The SpiderSteady has large, padded handles; keeping it comfortable and practical for a variety of users


  • SpiderSteady Modular DSLR Camera Rig
  • Quick Set-Up Guide
  • Maintenance Tools
  • Compatible models: Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, Sony DSR-PD198P, Panasonic AG-HMC153MC, Nikon D90 and all other DSLR cameras and camcorders.


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