Panasonic VL-SWD272CX Video Intercom System



Panasonic VL-SWD272CX Video Intercom System

Highly Expandable

VL-SWD272 Des1

Up to 6 additional monitors can be connected to the main monitor using a combination of 7-inch wired monitors and 2.2-inch wireless monitors (However, the maximum possible number of 7-inch wired monitors is 3).

Room to Room Communication

VL-SWD272 Des2

You can make intercom calls between the main monitor, sub monitor and extension monitor.

Wireless Monitor with DECT Technology

VL-SWD272 Des3

You can use the wireless monitor to check visitors and respond promptly from the living room, kitchen and elsewhere in the home even while you are doing something else. The max wireless range is 100 m with no obstacles. You can also add up to 2 DECT repeaters to expand the range.

Easy Extension

VL-SWD272 Des4

The use of an optional DECT Repeater extends the communication. It can be extended with a maximum of two DECT Repeaters to reach places like garages, backyards, and gardens with stabe communication.

7-Inches Colour LCD

VL-SWD272 Des5

The main monitor and extension monitor have a 7-inches wide screen that offers easy viewing of wide vertical and horizontal views.

Electric Lock Release Support

VL-SWD272 Des6

The gate or door lock can be easily and quickly released using monitors (wired or wireless) from anywhere in the house.

Auto Picture Recording

VL-SWD272 Des7

The main monitor and extension can record doorphone images from up to 50 doorphone calls or monitoring sessions. (up to 8 still images per visitor/ session).

Voice Changer

VL-SWD272 Des8

This safety function makes a woman’s voice (higher keys) sound like a man’s voice (lower keys) when speaking with a visitor.

Night Vision

VL-SWD272 Des9

Door Station is equipped with LED lights (illumination lamp). It enables the colour display of visitors at a distance of about 50 cm at night.


Main Monitor
LCD 7″ Colour LCD display
Picture Recording Max. 400 video images (8 images per visitor)
Voice Changer Yes
E-lock Connection 2
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 243 x 29.5 x 158
Weight (g) 825
Door Station
Door Station 1 included (Max. up to 2)
Camera Angle Horizontal 87˚ Vertical 66˚
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 99 x 36.5 x 131
Weight (g) 200
Wireless Monitor
Wireless Monitor Connection 1 included (Max. up to 6)
Wireless Monitor LCD 2.2″ Colour LCD
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 52 x 30 x 173
Weight (g) 160 (including battery pack)

^ Max numbers of extension wired/wireless monitor is 6

# Consult the manufacturer of any personal medical devices, such as pacemakers or hearing aids, to determine if they are adequately shielded from external RF (radio frequency) energy. (The product operates in the frequency range of 1.88 GHz to 1.90 GHz.)

Do not use the product in health care facilities if any regulations posted in the area instruct you not to do so. Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.

Suggested selling price and specifications are subject to change without prior notice


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