How To Determine Bike Pricing

A lot of people are not sure and or aware on how to quantify the pricing of a bike, even their own bikes. It is common to hear gasps and clicks at the mention of bikes prices over 4000$ if not even lower.

This is however not a very authoritative commentary but a easy guide to the pricing of bikes.

Parts of a BIKE

1.  Type of Bike

This is a rather odd and general area, subject to a lot of debate, definitions and changes. For this reason, I will keep it simple and general. There are 3 main categories of bikes, the third, loosely so;

Each group of the 3 has more classifications and as such would require a whole blog for each, thus the generalization. In most cases, the Road Bikes, or Roadies, are the more expensive, followed by the Cross Bikes, or Cyclocross and the Mountain Bikes are the cheapest. Again, this is general speaking. Reason for this, a casing point, the Full Suspension Mountain Bikes can be much more expensive than their Cross and Roadie counterparts.

Here’s a guide to choosing the best kind of bike

2.  Frame

The frame built is in most cases the first determinant to the cost of the bike. The main thing to look into is the material used to build the bike. The most common as of date are Steel, Aluminum, Alloy and Carbon Fiber.

The cheapest component in this case being Steel and Carbon Fiber the most expensive.

Here’s a link to more about the bike frames –  Link

3.  Groupset

Bikes prices are highly dependent on the groupsets there in. A groupset is a collection of bike components designed to work together. These days it usually means the gears and brakes on your bike. Ideally thus, bike groupset is the collection of components that make you stop and go — in other words, the drivetrain, shifters and brakes.

The industry is currently ran by 3 companies, Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. The Shimano and SRAM serve all categories of bikes, whereas the Campagnolo, only Road Bikes, currently. The most commonly used being Shimano. Under each of the names is a hierarchy of the components thus determining the price of the bike. In some cases, the manufacturers combine the components in a bike to get the bst of both – good components at a cheaper price.

Here is a Link to guide you more on the ranking and pricing for the groupsets –

4.  Brand Company

The brand company, just like in many other products, heavily determine the pricing of the bikes. Some brand names are more prestigious, and or famous and as such, they are more expensive.

Here is a link for constant reviews in brand popularity

5.  Source

In the end, there is no definite system to determine the costing of a bike, there are however several key points to consider… and most of all, is the Bike;

  • Authentic
  • Copy or
  • Grey market

Here are several links as to why we at Tech Nuggets insist on authentic bikes; Link1Link2

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